New Endeavors

New Endeavors

Sometime last year Adam asked me to throw a website together for him using the promo photos I had taken for him as a side project to making his business cards. "Sure, if I can make flyers for shows and business cards and run my own Squarespace website, I can definitely get a site going for you." But as we discussed Adam's vision, and as I explored enhancing my own website, it QUICKLY became apparent to me that there was so much I didn't know, so much I couldn't do - and so much magic out there to learn

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My first ever Ebay purchase arrived yesterday and I could not wait to play with it! This new 35mm is exactly what I've been needing. I've also been needing to check out areas of town I've somehow managed to have never photographed before, so I grabbed the new glass and cruised around Ann Arbor's Kerrytown on foot with two of my favorite guys. The first few of these were taken just outside of Miss Kim and The Lunch Room and then we walked around town for a bit til we ended up (somehow, magically) at Raven's Club, where one can enjoy what is arguably the best Old Fashioned in town. Can't wait to do some more shooting around here this summer and take my new juicy lens with me everywhere I go!



I had a realization this week that I've fallen into such busyness that I've become too disconnected with two things that I love: photographing my day to day life (outside of iPhone pics and Instagram) and spending quality time with my baby girl. Life is hectic. My to-do list grows faster than I can cross items off, the days blur together and I feel like I'm always living for what I hope is a calm *after* the storm. I always leave my camera at my day job unless I have a scheduled shoot on the weekends and I think I need to remedy that. I love documenting little moments, sharing how I see my world, especially with those far away.

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Pace Family

I knew it was going to be a great shoot when I was greeted at the door by an enthusiastic 3-year-old whose first words to me were "I have a new baby!" and then proceeded directly to showing me his play area, his favorite toys, and then his new baby brother. It's kind of special to capture this growing family again after having photographed Adam and Alison's engagement pictures, their wedding, their first family photo session, and now this weekend's family session with the addition of sweet little Steven Gabriel. My favorite part of this session, and my whole day really, was seeing Henry's great affection for his baby brother. I'm sure they'll have their normal moments of sibling rivalry, but Steven's definitely got someone looking out for him. Welcome to the world, little Steven!

Ypsilanti Family Photos at Dusk

This weekend I got to finally photograph one of my favorite families I know, which turned out to be one of my favorite family photography sessions I've ever had (and we didn't even have to leave Ypsilanti!). The Champion family has meant so much to me over this past year and I can't understate how much Cathy has been an ally, friend, and big sister to me. Cathy is an incredible mom to her three children and has left an extraordinary impact on me as a mother. Her (insanely beautiful) kids are SO much fun to be around and are equal parts bright, creative, silly, kind - I can see why Cathy is crazy about them. Though I met Cathy and her kids later in my life, I hope we remain close for a very, very long time. Thanks for letting photograph your gorgeous family, Cathy! 

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P + G: A Farmington Hills Wedding Reception

Patricia and Garrett are one of the sweetest couples I've photographed and Patricia's contagious and frequent joyful laugh was the highlight of my day. This intimate reception at Steven Lelli's On the Green in Farmington Hills was the perfect place to celebrate with their Michigan family and friends following their Virginia wedding several weeks ago. Here is just a sneak peak for the beautiful couple. 


Thanksgiving Plomaritas family fun!

Of course when my Michigan family came down to Virginia for Thanksgiving this past week I HAD to snap a few photos. My little nephews are growing like crazy and it seems like they double in size every time I see them. Max is 11 months old but in the 90-something-th percentile for height and weight and when I pick him up I can definitely tell - my family has taken to affectionately calling him Max the Moose. And of course I had to jump in front of the camera to get a few updated photos with my lil' nephew Aidan. (Moose was all done with photos at this point) 

Back at Backseat!

After having spent several memorable days at Backseat Studios in Ann Arbor in the past, I had the opportunity to return again yesterday. This time, though, there was not any actual recording happening at the recording studio - we had an impromptu photoshoot! Adam and Chrystal were all dressed up for a gig which was cancelled at the last second. Not wanting to waste their looking so dapper, they called me up to see if I wanted to snap some fun, last minute photos. Here's what happened!

Leona Grace

I was so excited when Dan and Lindsey asked me to photograph their beautiful newborn baby girl! Dan and Lindsey are the type of people that make me love what I do - they're both kind and fun, relaxed and ready for whatever happens during their newborn shoot. I normally don't post previews this quickly, but seems how I am already in Grand Rapids for the photoshoot, I decided to hop over to Sparrows over on wealthy street. After sipping one superbly tasty Cafe Miel, I just couldn't wait to share these with both Dan and Lindsey and all their friends and family. Thank you for letting me photography your beautiful family! 

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Baby Isaac

Lil' Isaac came into the world in July and oh my, what a precious little gem! When he wasn't peacefully sleeping this little guy had some fun expressions. Super big congratulations to Greg and Elizabeth!
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Cherney Family

I am excited to share my favorite photos from the Cherney family shoot! The Cherneys are longstanding and loyal clients and I absolutely adore the level of cuteness of their kiddos. Little Joaquin says some of the FUNNIEST things ever. Seriously. A recent one: "I'm not superman. I'm just a serious boy with ninja skills trying to stop that dinosaur." Amazing.