Ypsilanti Family Photos at Dusk

This weekend I got to finally photograph one of my favorite families I know, which turned out to be one of my favorite family photography sessions I've ever had (and we didn't even have to leave Ypsilanti!). The Champion family has meant so much to me over this past year and I can't understate how much Cathy has been an ally, friend, and big sister to me. Cathy is an incredible mom to her three children and has left an extraordinary impact on me as a mother. Her (insanely beautiful) kids are SO much fun to be around and are equal parts bright, creative, silly, kind - I can see why Cathy is crazy about them. Though I met Cathy and her kids later in my life, I hope we remain close for a very, very long time. Thanks for letting photograph your gorgeous family, Cathy! 

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