New Endeavors

Sometime last year Adam asked me to throw a website together for him using the promo photos I had taken for him as a side project to making his business cards. "Sure, if I can make flyers for shows and business cards and run my own Squarespace website, I can definitely get a site going for you." But as we discussed Adam's vision, and as I explored enhancing my own website, it QUICKLY became apparent to me that there was so much I didn't know, so much I couldn't do - and so much magic out there to learn. 

I started researching how to make changes to the CSS on Squarespace websites and fell down the rabbit hole. With the encouragement of a few super cool girlfriends who work in various avenues of programming, I started discovering what the heck Front-end Web Development is, and started running into questions faster than I could find answers. I decided I should roll up my sleeves and learn the basics of how a website is built. 

The amount of information on the internet is incredible. The vast free (and sometimes not free) learning resources both online and in the Ann Arbor area is awesome. FreeCodeCamp, Udemy, GirlDevelopIt, and my handful of super talented and smart friends have given me a great jumpstart. I'm just on the cusp, but I'm loving what I'm learning. With the essentials of HTML, CSS, and a little bit of responsive design under my belt, I'm moving forward to learn more about how Javascript works, what the heck jQuery is, all about DOM manipulation, and so much more. 

Adam's website is far from it's final state, but it's a fun project to continue working on as I advance my skillset. Thanks to this guy, for asking me to do something I couldn't, but having faith that I'd figure it out.