A little insight to my life tonight, rather personally:

I had a realization this week that I've fallen into such busyness that I've become too disconnected with two things that I love: photographing my day to day life (outside of iPhone pics and Instagram) and spending quality time with my baby girl. Life is hectic. My to-do list grows faster than I can cross items off, the days blur together and I feel like I'm always living for what I hope is a calm *after* the storm.

I always leave my camera at my day job unless I have a scheduled shoot on the weekends and I think I need to remedy that. I love documenting little moments, sharing how I see my world, especially with those far away.

I also have become gravely aware of how much my stress reflects onto my daughter, who is just shy of three years old. She's smart, emotional, talkative, and she mirrors everything I do. So I need to slow down. I need to find moments to enjoy peace. I need to give her my full attention and connect with her.

I asked her what she wanted to do with me tonight, and gave her a few options for special, not-every-day activities we could enjoy together. Without hesitation -or even letting me finish my sentence- she squealed and said she wanted to play make up with Mommy.

So we played makeup, I let her dive into it. Almost all of what you see is her doing (except for the burgundy lips) - and she picked out each color on her own. Then we played with sticks and she banged on every surface, claiming she was a drummer, looked for pretty light, and made each other laugh.

Tonight I felt connected. To my shooting, to slowing down, to getting out in the warm air, and most importantly, to my baby.

This is my first blogpost I created using my new found love blogstomp! It's really super cool for arranging and prepping photos for blog use, as well as optimizing them for other social media platforms. If you're a photographer and you want to be blogging (or blogging more, like me!) you should definitely check it out!!! I'm in looooove!